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Empowering Select Women and Pioneering the e3p3 Grants Model that Accelerates Funding In:

Environmental/Energy Technologies and Sustainability ◦ Economic Development/Opportunities ◦ Equity (In... Education Health; Products to Market; Social Services/Justice)

Connecting Resources and Technologies... and over 2,000 Industry Experts - officers, managers, consultants, partners, practitioners, and researchers with a  common goal of accelerating access to grants.


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Changing the 1%: Business Growth Model...

Accelerate Business Growth Influencer Marketing and AI

... Increase Diversified Income Streams ...

Including Capital, Grants, and  Revenue

... Accelerate Growth - Infinite Opportunities!

Supported by Grant and Business Solution Teams, Group Economics and Asset Ownership.

Over $600 Billion in Funding Available

Click Below to See which cities have received funding available to grant to small businesses and nonprofits. If your city is listed, let us assist you in accessing these funds by becoming a General NRDC-IE Member by clicking here.

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The NRDC-IE is considered the fastest growing marketplace that serves to ensure inclusion and equity among black and minority women business owners in receiving Grants and Contracts and in being paid as Grant Industry and Subject Matter Experts


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Subject Matter and Industry Experts set the rate for their professional consulting and/or direct services. NRDC-IE Experts get to choose which grants they would like to be included in before they are submitted. 

Members have traveled the country, worked from a business office and from their very own home office. 

Experts have also assisted in creating a sustainable and secure environment, economy and equity platforms. Promote your skills and/or business pre and post retirement. Over 25 identified areas of expertise are needed. Take our Survey.

Thousands of grants being submitted every day include Small Businesses and Industry Experts to provide a range of services.

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Members that have assumed Leadership roles in helping to Change the 1% in Communities, Cities, and Regions across the U.S.

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Making grants inclusive and equitable while making partnerships sustainable and people prosperous

Through our e3p3 model, we help remove the systematic practices that have kept marginalized groups from being the primary beneficiaries of grants awarded. Launching our software for Grant Writing and Proposal Development with AI, Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning is an exciting initiative. NRDC-IE has partnered with M.H.M & Associates to go on tour across the country to ensure Black and Minority Women are inclusive in this opportunity to be primary beneficiaries in this Right Now opportunity

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Let’s Change the One 

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